Find a Knowledgeable Gunsmith at Montrose Sporting Goods

Find a Knowledgeable Gunsmith at Montrose Sporting Goods

Contact us for gunsmith services in Montrose, PA

If your gun or rifle isn't working as it should, visit Montrose Sporting Goods for gunsmith services in Montrose, PA. We repair all makes and models of firearms. Our trained and certified gunsmith has the knowledge and skills to take care of your gun.

Visit Montrose Sporting Goods today to speak with a gunsmith in Montrose, PA.

We handle all types of trigger, sight and barrel work

You can bring your gun in for repairs whether you bought it from us or not. We have the skills and knowledge to take care of:
  • Gun refinishing
  • Metal and wood work
  • Trigger work
  • Sight work
  • Barrel work

We'll take care of sight mounting, muzzle attachments and trigger replacements. In some cases, your gun will be test fired to ensure it's working properly before it's returned to you. Contact Montrose Sporting Goods today for gun refinishing in Montrose, PA.

Gunsmithing Services Price List

Gunsmithing Services Price List

Barrel Work

Muzzle brake installation - $155 (includes Shrewd brake, others available)

Thread barrel for muzzle attachments (standard threads) - $50

Thread protector cap (with above services) - $15

Fit and Chamber barrel from blank- $120

Re-crown muzzle / Shorten rifle or pistol barrel- $40

Sight Work

Mount and bore sight scope - $10*

Install aftermarket handgun sights (w/ no machining) - $15*

Drill and tap barrel or receiver - $7.50 per hole

Cut standard dovetail in barrel - $20

Cut Novak or Bomar dovetails - $35

Due to many variables including desired poundage and various design limitations, trigger work pricing is listed as "Starting at".

Adjust/re-work factory rifle triggers - Starting at $20

Install "Drop in" trigger - $25* (does not include inletting when necessary)

Revolver trigger job - Starting at $40

Hammer fired Pistol Trigger Job - Starting at $40

*No charge for service when component, optic and/or firearm is purchased from Montrose Sporting Goods. This is one of the ways we reward our loyal customers.

Unspecified repair rate - $30/hour, $20 minimum charge per firearm unless otherwise noted